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Using our build-a-box approach, students have the opportunity to customize their lesson, focusing on the aspects of coffee most important to them.  In this course, students will learn skills relevant to their business goals and objectives.

Build a Box Topics

Through this course, students have the opportunity to take a variety of courses depending on their goals.  Students can choose to take roasting courses and barista courses, green coffee skills, and sensory skills.  If you are looking for a fully rounded coffee education, Build a Box is for you!

Customize Classes to Fit your Needs

At CRI, we strive to make coffee education convenient and effective.  With our Build a Box program, students can receive a personalized lesson plan based on their business goals.  Furthermore, students have the opportunity to take multiple classes at once to earn a rounded coffee education.

How it Works

First, send us a message with the coffee topics you are most interested in learning!  Then, one of our instructors will contact you to discuss the best classes to fit your needs.  We will build a customized lesson plan to help you reach your coffee goals!

Use Coffee Skills to Excel in your Career

Our Build a Box program is designed to help coffee professionals excel in their careers.  However, we invite all coffee enthusiasts to take our classes.  This course will help coffee professionals learn the skills necessary to advance in their careers or open their own coffee businesses.  No matter what avenues you are interested in pursuing, CRI can help you become a coffee professional!

Build your Personalized Lesson Plan at the Coffee Roasting Institute!

To learn more about our Build a Box program, send us a message!  Please specify your coffee goals, and one of our instructors will reach out.  Additionally, please let us know if you have taken other courses or are planning on taking any of our other classes.

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