At the Coffee Roasting Institute, we teach the art of coffee roasting, plain and simple.  No slideshows.  No lectures.  Just a hands-on approach, so our students can roast with confidence.


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Introducing the Coffee Roasting Institute – Blue Ridge Campus

The Coffee Roasting Institute – Blue Ridge Campus is North Carolina’s first SCA Premier Training Campus.  Using a hands-on approach, our goal is to provide students with a rounded coffee education and help them excel in their careers.  We strive to give our students an immersive experience, teaching coffee roasting on our six San Franciscan™ coffee roasters.  By the end of class, our students will be able to roast with confidence!



The Coffee Roasting Institute prides itself on being an SCA-certified Premier Training Campus.  In addition to our SCA Roasting Courses, we teach coffee classes and workshops to provide a well-rounded education.  To learn more about our classes, click any of the links below.  To schedule a class, please send us a message.

SCA Coffee Roasting Foundations | Coffee Roasting Institute

SCA Roasting Foundations | The Coffee Roasting Institute

In this one-day SCA Coffee Roasting Foundations course, students will learn basic coffee roasting principles.  This course is best for beginners and hobby-roasters.  Rather than slideshows and lectures, our coffee courses are taught using an immersive approach.  Each student will have the opportunity to roast on one of our six San Franciscan™ roasting machines.  (more…)

SCA Coffee Roasting Intermediate | Coffee Roasting Institute

SCA Roasting Intermediate | The Coffee Roasting Institute

Master the art of coffee-roasting through our intensive, hands-on SCA Roasting Intermediate course.  Over three days, we will examine coffee roasting from both a scientific and artistic point-of-view.  This course is for students who have experience in roasting or who have taken our SCA Coffee Roasting Foundations course.  (more…)

SCA Coffee Roasting Professional | Coffee Roasting Institute

SCA Roasting Professional | The Coffee Roasting Institute

In the SCA Coffee Roasting Professional course, students will learn advanced coffee roasting topics.  We will study coffee from both a creative and scientific point-of-view.  This course is designed for experienced coffee roasting professionals.  Additionally, students will have the opportunity to roast coffee on our San Franciscan™ coffee roasters. (more…)

SCA Barista Foundations | Coffee Roasting Institute

SCA Barista Foundations | The Coffee Roasting Institute

In our one-day SCA Barista Foundations course, students will learn basic techniques for working at an espresso bar.  We will discuss the proper etiquette and foundations for becoming a professional barista.  This course is open to anybody interested in coffee and requires no prior experience (more…)

Sensory Basics & Techniques | Coffee Roasting Institute

Learn sensory basics at the Coffee Roasting Institute!

Learn how to develop your sensory analysis skills at the Coffee Roasting Institute!  Our Sensory Basics* course will help you pinpoint aromas, flavors, and body in specialty versus non-specialty coffee.  Additionally, we will explore common tasting methods using the SCA-certified cupping protocol.  This course is designed for coffee enthusiasts who are interested in developing their palette. (more…)

Green Coffee Basics & Skills | Coffee Roasting Institute

Learn about green coffee buying at the Coffee Roasting Institute!

Instructors from CRI will teach students about green coffee basics*.  From seed to storage, we will help students prepare for coffee buying.  Additionally, students will learn basic sensory evaluation skills.  When combined with our roasting courses and sensory skill class, students can earn a balanced coffee education from the Coffee Roasting Institute! (more…)

Build a Box | Coffee Roasting Institute

Build a Box Button

Using our build a box approach, students have the opportunity to customize their lesson, focusing on the aspects of coffee most important to them.  In this course, students will learn skills relevant to their business goals and objectives. (more…)


We were in the process of looking at different roasters. We called Don Cox about showing us the SF roasters and to give us some feedback on the pro’s and con’s of SF roasters. After meeting with Don we decided right away SF was the way to go. With our new roaster ordered we knew we wanted to further our experience with someone that had a passion for coffee roasted right. We scheduled 2 days with Don. Don designed a program specifically to what we wanted to learn and helped us to develop new roasting styles. By the end of day 2 we were roasting coffee and felt confident that we could use what we learned going forward. Special thanks to Don Cox!

Brian Lambert, Co-owner, Red, White, and Brew

 I recently went to roasting school at Bald Guy Brew’s facility in Boone NC. Wow! What an experience! Don dedicated time with me to understand my particular challenges as it concerns roasting. I had ideas and theories that he helped me work through, and he gave me a clear understanding of what is happening in a roaster and coffee beans when roasting. He gave me the tools to come home and understand my roaster better and start roasting better coffee. I recommend it to everyone. Don is an amazing person!

Seth Boehs, Co-Owner, 7th Ave Roastery