The Coffee Roasting Institute is a collaboration between Bald Guy Brew Coffee Roasters and The San Franciscan Roaster Company.  With over 60 years of combined industry experience, CRI offers individuals an opportunity to enroll in coffee roasting classes designed by roasters, for roasters.

We offer our coffee roasting classes at North Carolina’s first Premier Training Center for coffee roasting located in the city of Boone.  Classes are designed to maximize student roasting time on one of our six San Franciscan Roasters.  With a one to six instructor-to-student ratio, the Coffee Roasting Institute offers students an opportunity to develop the necessary skills to successfully operate a coffee roasting business.

At the Coffee Roasting Institute – Blue Ridge Campus, we are committed to meeting the needs of individuals pursuing a career in the specialty coffee industry.  Our goal is that new roasters will be able to competently roast and confidently evaluate specialty coffee by the end of the course.

We believe that coffee roasting should be an interactive experience, not taught through slideshows or lectures.  We optimize our students’ one-on-one time with our San Franciscan roasters so that by the end of our course, they can roast with confidence.