Green Coffee Basics & Skills | Coffee Roasting Institute

Instructors from CRI will teach students about green coffee basics.  From seed to storage, we will help students prepare for coffee buying.  Additionally, students will learn basic sensory evaluation skills.  When combined with our roasting courses and sensory skill class, students can earn a balanced coffee education from the Coffee Roasting Institute!

Green Coffee Basics Topics

This course will cover a variety of buying topics.  To start, students will learn the coffee life cycle from seed to harvest.  Then, we will discuss coffee processing, grading, and storage.  Students will learn how to evaluate and grade raw coffee according to SCA standards.  Lastly, students will learn about coffee contracting, project management, importing, and exporting.

Customize Classes to Fit your Needs

At CRI, we strive to make coffee education convenient and effective.  With our Build a Box program, students can customize classes to fit their needs.  Furthermore, students have the opportunity to take multiple classes at once to earn a rounded coffee education.  The Green Coffee Basics class is a perfect match with our roasting and sensory courses!  Together with our roasting courses, students will learn how to effectively source and roast coffee.  Additionally, our sensory classes can help students learn how to evaluate the coffees they roast.

Use Green Coffee Basics to Excel in your Career

Our Green Coffee Basics course is designed to help coffee professionals excel in their careers.  However, we invite all coffee enthusiasts to take our Green Coffee Basics class.  This course will help coffee professionals source coffee, evaluate contracts, notice defects in coffees, and store their green coffee properly.  Additionally, students can use this information to help develop a green coffee buying program!

Learn Coffee Skills at the Coffee Roasting Institute!

Because our lessons are customized to fit the needs of each student, we only offer classes by appointment.  To schedule your class, please send us a message.