Barista Foundations | Coffee Roasting Institute

In our one-day Barista Foundations course, students will learn basic techniques for working at an espresso bar.  We will discuss the proper etiquette and foundations for becoming a professional barista.  This course is open to anybody interested in coffee and requires no prior experience


Barista Foundations Topics

During our Barista Foundations course, students will learn basic skills to become a professional barista.  Students will learn how to dial-in an espresso grinder, pull a perfect shot, and proper milk techniques.  Additionally, students will learn machine maintenance, customer service skills, and more.  No prior experience is needed to take this course.

Using a Hands-On Approach to Make Coffee Better

At the Coffee Roasting Institute, we believe the best way to learn how to make coffee is by making coffee.  For that reason, we will never make you sit through a lecture or slideshow.  Using our Slayerâ„¢ espresso machine, students will learn basic espresso skills with direct, hands-on training.  Simultaneously, instructors will explain the various barista tools, so you can brew better coffee!

Become a Professional Barista with CRI

Our Barista Foundations course will put you on track to becoming a professional barista!  However, we welcome any coffee enthusiast to take our class.  This course is a requirement for taking additional barista classes including Barista Intermediate and Barista Professional classes.

Learn to Brew Coffee at the Coffee Roasting Institute!

Because our lessons are customized to fit the needs of each student, we only offer classes by appointment.  To schedule your class, please send us a message.