Sensory Basics & Techniques | Coffee Roasting Institute

Learn how to develop your sensory analysis skills at the Coffee Roasting Institute!  Our Sensory Basics course will help you pinpoint aromas, flavors, and bodies in specialty versus non-specialty coffee.  Additionally, we will explore common tasting methods using the industry-standard cupping protocol.  This course is designed for coffee enthusiasts who are interested in developing their palette.

Sensory Basics Topics

Our Sensory Basics course will cover a variety of sensory topics.  First, we will discuss specialty versus non-specialty coffee.  Then, we will explore the flavor profiles, aromas, and bodies of various coffees.  We will teach you common tasting methods, such as triangulation, and etiquette using the industry-standard cupping protocol.  Additionally, students will learn how to cup using the standard cupping form.

Customize Classes to Fit your Needs

At CRI, we strive to make coffee education convenient and effective.  With our Build a Box program, students can customize classes to fit their needs.  Furthermore, students have the opportunity to take multiple classes at once to earn a rounded coffee education.  The Sensory Basics class is a perfect match with any of our roasting or barista courses!  Together with our roasting courses, students will learn how to effectively roast and evaluate their coffees.

Use Sensory Skills to Excel in your Career

Our Sensory Basics course is designed to help coffee professionals excel in their careers.  However, we invite all coffee enthusiasts to take our Sensory Basics class.  This course will help coffee professionals evaluate coffee at work, determine flavor notes, and notice defects in coffees.  Additionally, students can use this information to help develop a coffee calibration program.

Learn Sensory Skills at the Coffee Roasting Institute!

Because our lessons are customized to fit the needs of each student, we only offer classes by appointment.  To schedule your class, please send us a message.