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In the Coffee Roasting Professional course, students will learn advanced coffee roasting topics.  We will study coffee from both a creative and scientific point of view.  This course is designed for experienced coffee roasting professionals.  Additionally, students will have the opportunity to roast coffee on our San Franciscan™ coffee roasters.

Coffee Roasting Professional Topics

The Coffee Roasting Professional class will cover advanced coffee roasting concepts.  First, we will review core roasting topics and farm-to-cup processes.  After, we will explore current coffee roasting techniques including advanced heat transfer, physical and chemical aspects of roast coffee, and more.  Additionally, students will discuss sensory aspects of roasted coffees following the standard cupping protocol.

Using a Hands-On Approach to Roast Better Coffee

At the Coffee Roasting Institute, we believe the best way to learn how to roast coffee is by roasting coffee.  For that reason, we will never make you sit through a lecture or slideshow.  Using one of our six San Franciscan™ roasters, students will learn how to roast coffee with direct, hands-on training.  Simultaneously, instructors will explain the various roasting tools and techniques, so you can roast better coffee!

Become a Professional Coffee Roaster

Our Coffee Roasting Professional course will help you become a professional roaster!  If you would like to expand your coffee roasting knowledge, this class is for you!  First, students must take our Coffee Roasting Foundations course to learn the basics. After, students must pass our Coffee Roasting Intermediate course before taking our Coffee Roasting Professional class.  When bundled together, these courses can help you become a professional coffee roaster.  This package is perfect for students who want a career in the coffee roasting industry, or for those who want to open a coffee roastery.

Learn to Roast Coffee at the Coffee Roasting Institute!

Because our lessons are customized to fit the needs of each student, we only offer classes by appointment.  To schedule your class, please send us a message.