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The Coffee Roasting Institute facility in Boone, North Carolina

The Coffee Roasting Institute is a coffee roasting school where students can learn to roast coffee on one of our six San Franciscan machines.  Our coffee roasting courses are designed with students in mind.  While many coffee roasting schools do not provide one-on-one lessons on coffee roasting machines, The Coffee Roasting Institute aims to be different.  Rather, we optimize students’ time with a hands-on experience.  Besides coffee roasting, we offer a variety of other coffee courses.

The Coffee Roasting Institute – Blue Ridge Campus

The Coffee Roasting Institute – Blue Ridge Campus is a collaboration between Bald Guy Brew Roasting Company and The San Franciscan Roaster Company.  We are the first coffee roasting school in North Carolina.  At CRI, we are passionate about developing an interactive experience for aspiring coffee professionals.  Particularly, we want to share our knowledge of coffee roasting.  As a result, our students can confidently roast by the end of our coffee roasting courses.

The Training Center in North Carolina

While the coffee industry is booming on the west coast of the USA, we wanted to offer a more convenient coffee roasting school on the east coast.  That is why we opened the Blue Ridge Campus in Boone, North Carolina.  As a global company, we aim to make coffee roasting courses available to people from all over the world!  In fact, we have taught students from as far as Colombia and Saudi Arabia.  No matter where you are located, CRI can help you achieve your goals!

Learn to Roast Coffee with Confidence

Coffee is a global, ever-changing industry.  For this reason, many coffee professionals that are new to the industry do not know where to start.  With this in mind, CRI has developed a customized approach to coffee roasting courses to help our students succeed.  Additionally, we offer a variety of other services including business consulting, barista courses, and more.  CRI’s goal is to help coffee professionals confidently evaluate and roast coffee by the end of our class.  Therefore, we offer a variety of coffee roasting courses from introduction courses to Professional Roasting.

No Slideshows, No Gimmicks, Just Roasting

The Coffee Roasting Institute believes in teaching classes that are 100% interactive.  As a result, you will never sit through a lecture or slideshow when you take classes at our coffee roasting school.  Instead, we will teach you about roasting basics, flavor profiles, Rate of Rise, and more using one of our San Franciscan Roaster machines.  Likewise, our instructors foster an approachable environment where students are free to start an open dialogue.  Students may ask our instructors as many questions as they like.  We are here for you!

Accelerate your Career at The Coffee Roasting Institute

While many coffee professionals learn to roast coffee through trial and error, some roast-masters do not have the resources they need.  Additionally, some aspiring roasters take years to find a roasting apprenticeship.  Rather than wasting valuable time and money, The Coffee Roasting Institute can help you accelerate your career in the industry through our coffee roasting courses!  With this experience, roast-masters can feel more optimistic while searching for jobs or starting a coffee business.  Additionally, our coffee roasting school will teach you the vocabulary, standards, and sensory skills used in the industry.

A Coffee Roasting School Designed for You

The Coffee Roasting Institute has one main goal: to help students succeed!  Rather than using a standard approach, we build our coffee roasting courses around your goals and objectives.  In other words, students tell us what they want to learn, and we teach it!  So how does it work?  First, send us a message us outlining your goals in the coffee industry.  Then, we will contact you to discuss the best approach to accomplish these objectives.  By the end of the course, you will have the skills you need to start a coffee business!

Improve Coffee Quality and Skills

If you feel stuck in your coffee career, The Coffee Roasting Institute is here to help!  We all know what it feels like to ‘hit a wall’, but that does not mean your coffee career is over.  Rather, you may just need a little help getting to the next level.  While this can feel frustrating, we believe the best way to improve is by learning from others.  Incidentally, we have a team of coffee professionals who have been through these trials and tribulations before.  Instead of learning the hard way, let our instructors guide you to a more successful career!  We have the proper resources to help you improve, whether you want to roast more quality coffee or develop your sensory skills.

For Roasters, by Roasters

A proud partner of CRI, The San Franciscan Roaster Co. is passionate about the art of craft coffee.  Together with Bald Guy Brew, we want to help you learn to manually roast exceptional coffees.  In addition to three San Franciscan™ SF1 roasters, we also have one San Franciscan™ SF25 roaster and two San Franciscan™ SF6 roasters.  While some coffee roasting schools use automated machines, our roasters are designed for artisan roaster-masters who are passionate about third-wave specialty coffee.  Our roasters have a variety of benefits to help you roast with confidence.  First, our roasters feature variable drum rotation speed to provide roast-masters optimal control.  With hot air-dampers and variable speed hot-air fans, students will have upmost control over both conductive and convective heat applications.

Expand your Coffee Knowledge with Black Coffee Business Consulting

Looking for additional advice?  In addition to coffee roasting courses, CRI offers Black Coffee Business Consulting!  With over ten years of coffee industry experience, Don Cox, owner of Bald Guy Brew, can help you grow your coffee business.  Besides teaching coffee roasting courses, Don has experience teaching barista skills, sensory skills, business, and more.  Using a “build a box” approach, students can choose the aspects of coffee most important to them.  Then, Don will create a consulting plan that will help you achieve your goals!  Learn more.

Learn to Roast Exceptional Coffee, Today!

At the Coffee Roasting Institute, we are passionate about specialty coffee.  But our business is much more than that.  We want to help your specialty coffee business succeed!  If you want to take your coffee career to the next level, contact us today!

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